Saturday, April 15, 2006

Optimism Over All

My optimism about old age and what it can do to make life better for us all is tempered by the knowledge that human beings have squandered great wealth before and may do so again. Even now, social trends are working against the potential of a new old age. We live in a society that is changing even faster than we realize. We are being led away from the truth of human experience and toward a lie that places youth and the young alone at the pinnacle of human society. We are expected to find our way from birth to death with less and less to guide us. The old maps of human life are out of date. Childhood and elderhood were once understood to have their own virtues but are now measured by how well or how poorly the young and the old emulate the lives lived by adults. Our fascination with and worshipful attitude toward all things adult go well beyond simple preoccupation. Indeed, the devotion is so complete and so widespread that we can legitimately ask whether adulthood has come to function as a society-wide cult.


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Blogger Jan said...

I recently heard your talk at Muncie and really enjoyed it. Although I am a nurse and PA, I work in development now and am looking at a Green House project. My question to you is this - We have 150+ skilled nursing beds. We are a non-profit providing in excess of $2.5M in uncompensated care. We have implemented many of the Eden Alternative changes, are we eligible to send CNA to training for shahbaz training now or is that only if we have an actual Green House up and running? Several people have told me that is a trade marked name and concept and you must have a Green House project to use that name and concept. After hearing you speak, I can't imagine you telling the country to wait a few years to implement that change now. Our current nursing homes could be starting the culture change now and hopefully the concept would sweep the nation. Keep up the good work. I'm in my 50's - you're leading the change for my retirement years...... I'm hoping to work it on my end.

12:08 PM  
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Blogger A rootdigger said...

I like the concept. Our retirement home is contemplating this alternative as an solution. I am here seeking information. Because I as only a food service worker there would be replaced by a nurse or someone trained in that field. I wonder if there will be anything I can do to work at such a project?

twenty or thiry people will lose their jobs. Kitchen, cleaning, laundry workers,etc beautician

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